Portfolio Revision

Every artist has tons of material accumulated during the years of studies, drawing courses, work and of course private projects. But should all these works be included in a portfolio? Probably not! Unless you want to spend a couple of hours enchanting your vis-á-vis with all the marvelous art you have created in the past years/decades.

But how shall I decide among the many pieces I have created? Only the latest work I´ve done? Only the pieces that got the most attention? My personal favorites? The number of criteria to put together a great portfolio is huge. But the number of shots you´ll have at a job interview, open call or gallery appointment are only ONE. So your portfolio has to be on the point, convincing and show only the very best of you. To assemble a portfolio that fits these requirements it´s often a lot easier to get help from an outside person to take a look and to give an opinion of what to include and what not.

Having a strong portfolio is very important and basically indispensable but that´s not all you should keep in mind when preparing for the big university/job/gallery/etc. hunt. Because an uncluttered digital portfolio, a current CV and an intriguing artist statement as well as a small but nice social media selection is very important too. All these elements combined form part of how you will be able to present yourself and due to that, how the people in charge will perceive you as an artist.

In my Portfolio Revision I can advice and support you with that. During each session we will get to the heart of it: Reviewing your works and selecting the very “best” of it for the offline and online portfolio, reviewing/creating convincing information material, like your CV and an artist statement and of course revise your social media choices so you will obtain a complete and representative portfolio package that shows how great you are as an artist.

So if you want to get it right from the very beginning and think that my Portfolio Revision is exactly what you need to get started: just give me a call or send me an e-mail . You never get a second chance to make a first impression – so you better make it right the first time around.

For additional info you can download the PDF with all details and the different types of personal services for creatives I offer to compare and pick what´s best for you.