The philosophy of The Eclectic Tomorrow

A philosophy of growth through skillful communication

There is exceptional talent out there – the mission is to nurture and strengthen it to make it rise and shine!

That’s what The Eclectic Tomorrow is dedicated to: Consulting, training, supporting and empowering companies and creative professionals so they can change the world with their unique ideas and beautiful creations.

Main idea
To achieve this, The Eclectic Tomorrow offers various services that are all interconnected by one red thread: COMMUNICATION. And by empowering and training comprehensive communication, inwards and outwards, GROWTH will happen. Communication has innumerable facets. It can be visual, through a painting, a logo or an image or through words, spoken or written, not to forget about our body language. We´re sending thousands of messages every day, consciously and unconsciously, the important part is to get it right and to align our communication to have the impact and get the results we want in (professional) life.

As well, growth can be whatever thing, motivation, consultation or conversation that encourages you to move forward and to discover and develop what lies within you. For my agency, communication and growth is sharing knowledge and experiences, exchanging opinions and fostering creativity by supporting our innate wish to express ourselves and to understand and be understood. In order to show the world, the great talents you offer, may it be in the corporate sector or in the creative field, your message has to be unique and strong.

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard. – Anne Spencer

For Companies
How does that work for me as a company? Communication flows in two directions: inwards and outwards. So in order to strengthen the existing potential, a 360° approach is the most efficient way to boost both, corporate performance and personal happiness without one limiting the other. On one hand you need to align your external communication like corporate branding and social media and on the other hand you need to optimize your internal communications and operations. Cross-team collaborations, fruitful meetings, and time management are just some examples.

To achieve that, your external communication will be revised and most likely adjusted and your employees will be trained and coached. Comprehensive communication, conflict management, efficiency, and energy management and personal and professional growth counseling will create a healthy, motivated and efficient workplace environment that enables leaders to thrive and employees to grow within the company. All that leads not only to revenue growth but corporate happiness.

For Creatives and Creative Entrepreneurs
So what does that mean for me as an artist/creative? The point is, it’s important to make the right decisions and to not miss out on any of the great opportunities waiting out there, especially in the early stages of your career. The creative business is a challenging playground and every creative should choose his/her battle wisely and gather his/her energies. In a nutshell: When you´re starting out, you can’t know it all as there are so many details to keep in mind, which might distract and demotivate someone with great talent and big dreams. This is why The Eclectic Tomorrow offers support in the form of self-management workshops, female entrepreneur self-positioning courses and portfolio revision. And for those who want more individualized assistance: My Personal Course on launching your creative career or life coaching to eliminate your inner obstacles can be the answer to all the questions and doubts that might arise in your creative mind.

Eclectic Friends
And have you seen my Eclectic Friends? Some of the artists I have worked and currently work with, as well as the artists I really appreciate and believe in can be found in the Eclectic Friends section where they have their own portfolio, including selected current work, an artist statement and their contact details. I am always available for inquiries and questions of any kind concerning the artists and their art. If you need more detailed information or a personal consultation, I am just an email or phone call away. The most important aspect for me is to maintain a constant dialog between artists and art lovers.

Apart from the services I offer, I’m always delighted to be contacted with interesting collaborations. If you approach me with extraordinary ideas and particular projects, I’ll be happy to join and contribute my time and skills to turn a promising idea into reality. To ensure extraordinary results, The Eclectic Tomorrow focuses exclusively on project-based collaborations with emerging contemporary artists as well as with cultural institutions and people involved in the arts. I do this to make sure that motivation isn’t replaced by the forces of habit and to guarantee that each project receives the attention and support it deserves since every project is created to be different and original. For my work as human growth and communications consultant, it’s very important to interact on a personal level. My basic principles are reliability, trust, confidentiality and a visionary and professional way of doing business in order to succeed and revel in the fact of living and working in a creative and unique environment.

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