Personal Course – Focus on your creative career

Why every artist and creative needs a personal strategy

For you, as an artist and creative here in Madrid, my Personal Course offers you lots of strategic tools and useful advice that will help you to gain more attention and to build a great reputation. Because knowing how to manage yourself and having your own professional strategy are two very important aspects for all artists and creatives who want to make a living from their creations.

This Personal Course will help you to get to the next level as an artist

Having success and being able to make your professional dreams come true is definitely no coincidence. It´s a lot of work and smart decisions at the right moment. Especially when you´re new to the business or never dealt with what it really means to manage your artistic career, it can appear to be quite overwhelming. But don´t panic, as wise people say: There are no problems, there are only solutions. And that´s very true.

What it´s all about: In my Personal Course for artists, I will accompany your process every step of the way as your advisor and your support system to make sure there is no doubt about what to do and how to do it while creating your personal strategy. Giving you the motivation you need to tackle all obstacles and to continue your path to a thriving career with all marketing tools and personal advice you´ll need is the key. It doesn´t matter if you have time management problems, looking for a healthy life/work balance or if you suffer from the classic fear of failure, your needs as an artist will be met and understood. This Madrid-based Personal Course gives you the full attention you deserve, making the space and time to focus on what´s important to you – your creative career.

In this Personal Course, we will consider all aspects necessary to manage your creative career

My Personal Course includes a complete analysis of your creative environment and your project/company as well as a self-analysis. After that, we will start your positioning, self-organization and all the planning you need in order to get started properly. Once this part is completed we´ll focus on your social media, your communication skills, motivation, and last but not least your public relations.

And when you´re not a creative? No problem, the Personal Course is adaptable for people working in non-creative professions too.

So if you want to make the most of your (creative) career opportunities and feel like my Personal Course is exactly what you need: just give me a quick call or send me an e-mail. The first and most important step is to realize that your future lies in your own hands – so grab it and make the most of it.

For additional info, you can download the PDF with all the details and the different Personal Course packages to compare and pick what´s best for you. In case you prefer to work in a group, I can recommend my self-management workshop “The Construction of the Artist I. There you´ll learn all the tools and tricks too but in a group setting.

Personal course to manage your creative career, The Eclectic Tomorrow