Mareike Müller, certified Life Coach, The Eclectic Tomorrow - Photo: Alejandro Cayetano

About me – Mareike Müller

Being a consultant for creatives & a life coach keeps my professional life in sync

Combining my personality and my core values with my professional life allowed me to connect two very important aspects of my life creativity and personal growth. I´ve been working for many years as a consultant in the creative/artistic sector and now I have extended my services with a certification as a life coach. This way I´ll be able to offer a full and adjustable range of services to cover all the needs of my clients.

Furthermore: I love art. But besides that, I know how difficult it is to make a living from it

I have always loved art. For the last, I don’t know how many years the simple act of going to a museum of contemporary art, an art event or just enjoying the incredible street art that pops up everywhere nowadays has been one of my favorite things to do.

So about me. I’m Mareike Müller, born, raised and educated in Berlin. My professional roots are in the design and advertising industry. For many years I worked in advertising agencies and as a freelance art director in Berlin focusing on creating and executing creative projects as well as winning new business. But the day came when I realized that my heart lay somewhere else: in contemporary and emerging art. In the subsequent years, while living and working in Stockholm and Barcelona, I developed a sixth sense for talented and emerging artists and my desire to work with a select group of creative people enjoying an independent working environment grew. So I decided that the time had come to start my own business, setting my own standards and working with great people from all over the world.

And that is how it all began…

In 2011 I moved to Buenos Aires where I created and founded The Eclectic Tomorrow. Dedicating my time to establish close relationships with emerging artists and getting my feet wet by organizing my first art exhibitions in the name of The Eclectic Tomorrow were important milestones for my agency. Around two years later, my fascination for Mexico and its culture and art made me move to Mexico City, where I lived for almost four years expanding the scope of my agency. Because being in close contact with a lot of artists during the past ten years made me realize that their actual path of success always begins way earlier than with a debut art show or a creative project being funded by a confident client: The very first step to a creative career for all of them is and was to honestly know themselves, what their talents and flaws were, what they really wanted to achieve and how they could actually pursue it. So I developed and started holding my two-part workshop called The Construction of the Artist to teach emerging talents the knowledge and the tools to promote and manage themselves.

Change, the treasured constant in my life

But after spending so many years in Latin America I felt it was about time to return to the Old Continent; even though I decided to move to a new home, Madrid, to continue my journey. Having arrived here, I’m more motivated than ever to get my word out. Collaborating with people involved in the arts, training and counseling creatives and taking my work as a certified life coach to another level are the main aspects of my work and therefore the main pillars of The Eclectic Tomorrow.