She studied at the School of Visual Arts Antonio Berni, from where she graduated in Visual Arts majoring in Printmaking. Since 2010, she has been doing murals using spray paint, influenced by various urban art manifestations. During these years she has painted almost 200 walls and she has been invited to different local and international Festivals in countries such as Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, US and Canada.

The street allows one to create a language that combines different forms of action and direct intervention. This language is the result of different searches for appropriation and reinterpretation of elements of Latin American and European visual art, (specifically from Symbolism, Pre-Columbian Art and Latin American Mural Art) translated into spray paint. Her main interest is to create timeless and calm spaces, which invite contemplation and reflection, questioning about different aspects that make and interpellate the human condition.
Nowadays she is working in different series of transparent hands with bright colors and sequences of movement which represents different gestures and expressions, researching incidence of colors, contrast and light to create new spaces with optical resources: open/closed shapes, empty/full spaces, dark/bright images.
The hands are a symbol of the whole human species. They are Universal, hands have no nationality, belonging, identity, gender, or creed and communicate in different languages and socio-cultural contexts. From their more conventional and symbolic use, they have represented values such as union, solidarity, sharing, abundance. If not, collective struggle and popular empowerment. Here underlies the proposal, the idea and intention that, they can also dissolve boundaries and differences as long as we are committed to making the world together, working in issues that as humans and equals, we have in common.

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