Workshop – The Construction of the Artist - Part II

[R.A.T.] - Puerto Acapulco – Acapulco/Mexico - November 2015

This workshop is primarily dedicated to the participants of the first part and creatives who have already identified the personal obstacles they want and need to remove from their path to thrive in a successful and prospering career.
It´s a fact that having all the tips and tricks learned does not prevent a talented and motivated person from failing in real life, because theory and practice are not necessarily the same.
That´s why this advanced workshop was created. Reviewing the important facts of the first part and learning from case studies to apply and deepen the knowledge to help each and every one tackling his/her obstacles as well as finding professional answers to all questions are the core idea.
Group discussions to exchange experiences and to give the participants the chance to learn from each other is the steady companion of every of the four modules. Additionally every session is accompanied by practical exercises to analyze oneself and to benefit from the group´s feedback and advise.
And last but not least homework assignments and small questionnaires after each module will facilitate getting to the core of each ones personal obstacles that need to be eliminated for good.

Workshop - The Construction of the Artist - Part I

[R.A.T.] - Puerto Acapulco – Acapulco/Mexico - June 2015

Dedicated to all creative people who want to work successfully in the world of arts this workshop provides all strategic tools to start, continue and improve the creative career as ones own manager, agent and adviser.
By sharing useful theory and practice the participants are encouraged to face their creative future in a successful way. Showing them how to manage themselves and giving them tools to develop their own personal strategy is the core idea of this workshop.
They will learn how to organize, focus, communicate and present their art and projects to stand out from the mass as one of a kind.
The four thematically connected modules are enhanced by exercises, short videos and other illustrative materials to make each session entertaining and diverse.
Additionally there is an advanced workshop for those who need help with implementing the theory from the first workshop or for those who want to remove particular obstacles that hamper the free flow of their career.

Publication – Newspaper article – El Sur


CCM - Buenos Aires/Argentina - November 2013

To round off the first year of being in business The Eclectic Tomorrow´s is happy to announce the art opening of the collective show „Mediocre“ by Jaz (Franco Fasoli) and Axel Void. It´s a joint venture of two great artists and muralists that already have been working together on many projects in Miami and Berlin, but never as a team in Buenos Aires. The artists produced a series of work especially created for the CCM: For seven days, the duo chose two local newspaper stories per day which resulted in two different paintings crated by them. Along with these painting goes a mural in the hall of the art space and a huge mural in public space.

The art opening takes place this Friday, the 22nd of November in the new and amazing venue of CCM in Pringles 1249, between Cordoba y Estado de Israel. Kick of is at 8pm and there is no entrance fee.



The Clubhouse - Buenos Aires/Argentina - May 2013

The title of this exhibition is a reference to the hand game „rock-paper-scissors“ which is quite known around the world and usually played by two people simultaneously forming one of these three shapes with an outstretched hand. The „rock“ beats scissors, the „scissors“ beat paper and the „paper“ beats rock. In this creative context these three shapes are the playful representatives for the leitmotiv of this exhibition: Create (paper), share (scissors) & cherish (rock /diamond) eclectic and emerging art! And have a good time.

So this group exhibition of young and emerging fine artists and photographers (national and international) was created to show a fine selection of unique art and was organized and curated by The Eclectic Tomorrow and.

The show took place Thursday, 16th of May - 15 of August at The Clubhouse in Buenos Aires/ Argentina; visits by appointment

Artists showing
Michal Pudelka - Slovakia / Federico Villarino - Argentina / SiMPLE - Sweden / Carlito Schilirò - Germany / Juan Montes de Oca - Argentina / Saddo - Romania / Maksim Babenko - Russia / Axel Void - USA

Guest artists Cuore - Argentina / Martin Sichetti - Argentina / Karina Acosta - Argentina / tekaz - Argentina