Construction of the Artist – Part II

This is the second part of the workshop The Construction of the Artist as well known as: The Reality-Check. Even though this workshop is primarily dedicated to the participants of the first part, because they already have the knowledge and the tools the second part is based on; it is open to basically everyone. Only to make sure that all participants are on the same level of knowledge and self-knowledge, participants that haven´t joined us in the first part will be interviewed briefly beforehand to see if this advanced workshop is recommendable for them at this moment.

But in the end, no matter if you join us to perfect the things you have learned in the first workshop or if you are a creative who has already identified his/her personal obstacles or if you just need a little wake-up-call… a reality-check is always a great way to see what´s still working well and what needs a little adjustment and up-dating. Because having all the tips and tricks learned or practicing reliable procedures for years does not prevent a talented and motivated person from failing at some point. Everybody needs to regularly question his/her way of doing and approaching the things that form part of a creative career. Because especially the art world evolves so quickly, that people who can´t keep up with it will be soon replaced by the ones that can.

That´s why the advanced workshop was created. To review the important facts of the first workshop and to put it into practice. Furthermore, you will be learning from case studies to deepen your knowledge, which will help you to tackle your obstacles successfully in real life. Group discussions will be the steady companion of each of the four modules to help exchange experiences and to give all participants the chance to learn from each other. Additionally, every session is accompanied by practical exercises to analyze oneself and to benefit from the group´s feedback and advise.

And last but not least small homework assignments and short questionnaires after each module will facilitate getting to the core of each one´s personal “success enemies” that need to be eliminated for good. So based on the four modules of the first workshop you will get right down to business and practice the hell out of it until all fears and doubts will be vanished.

If you have any doubts or questions if the second part of the workshop is recommendable for you or if you want more detailed info about the four modules, just download the PDF (in Spanish). And for details about the next workshop dates drop me a line.