Construction of the Artist – Part I

For every emerging artist or creative who decides that it is time to take action and responsibility to archive a prospering and over all fulfilling career it´s a big and often scary step to take. There are so many details to keep in mind, things to plan and organize and not to forget, you still want and need time to actually BE a creative and CREATE! Who wouldn´t feel a bit nervous and hesitant about taking these first steps since they are the most difficult but as well the most important for the future of one´s career?

But don´t worry, even people who are in the business for quite some time need an update or a reality-check once in a while. Because only the ones that seek improvement and growth combined with the desire to be the best in their creative sector are the ones that most likely will succeed. So why not use all support and insight you can get?

By being a part of The Construction of the Artist you will question yourself and thereby open up to an unexpected journey into your creative career to find the answers to what really defines you as a person and therefore as a creative. Because only by having that properly identified you will be able to create a career foundation in order to steer your professional future into the right direction.

Having that said, let me tell you a little bit more about the Part I of The Construction of the Artist: Dedicated to all creatives/artists who want to work successfully in the world of arts, this workshop provides all strategic tools to start, continue and improve your creative career as your own manager, agent and adviser. This includes important theory and a lot of practice to encourage and prepare you to face your creative future in a successful way. Showing you how to manage yourself and giving you tools to develop your own personal strategy is the core idea of this workshop. You will learn how to organize, focus, communicate and present your art/projects to stand out from the crowd as one of a kind. The four thematically connected modules are enhanced by exercises, short videos and other illustrative materials to make each session entertaining and diverse.

And that´s only a couple of all the things that you will do and learn during your time in the workshop. If you want more detailed info about the four modules, just download the PDF (in Spanish). And for more details about the next workshop dates just drop me a line.