Personal course to develop your creative business

Master your business – One-to-one or all-team course – in Madrid

Opening your creative business (online) or launching your own brand is a big step and a dream that many have, but few materialize. Making that decision and taking a chance are two big obstacles that you have already eliminated. But to become a successful entrepreneur with a flourishing business you have to take many other aspects into account as well. Many of them are obvious, others not so much and a few only the experts know about.

Therefore, you have to become an expert to master your business

It doesn´t matter if your business is still in the planning phase or if you already have it up and running. It´s always a good idea to review, complete and improve it in order to get extraordinary results. Because the goal is to have a business and/or an outstanding brand that gratifies you. And being your own boss comes with many responsibilities and tasks to keep in mind. So it´s better to do it right the first time around and not lose opportunities or valuable time.

But what do you need to successfully launch a creative business?

Or rather, what does the “Master your Business” course include? Well, let’s start at the beginning. The first to-do will be a self-analysis and a complete revision of your business concept to create a successful business strategy. In addition, we will review the niche you chose for your project and develop a personalized marketing plan. And of course, we will focus on self-management – your mind, your time and your goals – to get you started like a pro. Once that part is completed, we will focus on social media, your communication skills, motivation and, last but not least, acquisition, advertising, and public relations.

And how does this course work?

The complete course consists of 8 sessions, 7 sessions consecutively (at your pace) and a final session after 3 to 6 months to review the progress of your business and to make any necessary adjustments and dispel possible doubts that arose during the past few months.

I will accompany your process (or that of your team) step by step, as a consultant and assistant to ensure that you do not doubt about what to do and how to do it while creating your personal business strategy. An essential cornerstone is giving you the motivation you need to overcome all obstacles and to continue your path to a flourishing business with all the marketing tools and attention you will need.

In the end, the motives for taking my course “Master your Business” can be varied, but the goal is always going to be the same: Being your own boss and having a business and/or an extraordinary brand that will fulfill you as well provide for an adequate standard of living.

So if you want to make the most of your creative career opportunities and feel like my Personal Course “Master your Business” is exactly what you need: just give me a quick call or send me an e-mail.  Your future lies in your own hands – so grab it and make the most of it.

You can download the PDF that contains more detailed information about the cornerstones of the course as well as the different packages to choose from. So you can make sure you will find what you are looking for.

Personal course for creative businesses, The Eclectic Tomorrow