Juan Montes de Oca Buenos Aires/Argentina

One could say that I am self-taught but it would be unfair not to mention my passage through the workshops of the well-named artists Roberto Parini, Miguel Rep and Jorge Pirozzi. I spent many years trying to find my own path and what I want. At the same time I studied Communication Sciences and finished my degree in 1994, specializing in journalism. Through the blending my painting studies get tied to the reality, which is made from the figurative and formal description of what happens around me. I consider myself an artist before a painter, and a painter before a draftsman, who sometimes feels relaxed about the trends and fashion. I try to stand in the uncomfortable, diffused border of right and wrong, on the edge of tradition and modernity.

My means of expression is the figurative painting and conventional canons of easel paintings, generally in small format. If I had to define myself as an artist, I would say that my painting is a narrative translation of my ideas, thoughts and experiences trying to keep the clarity and humor through irony and parody. If I had become a writer of chronicles, I would have chosen to tell my stories about little losers playing the role of the "heroes of the day."

My latest work is a series of portraits in which I seek to "update" modes, posturing and the stereotype of ages that range from the 40s to the 70´s. Respecting the characteristics of each period, like illumination, presentation and postures, I filtered everything with my eyes and deformed and reinterpreted it, so it unfolds my taste for Japanese manga, Baroque, and the influences of German Expressionism as well as the art of Antonio Berni, Spilimbergo, Chambi, Tim Burton and Robert Crumb.