There is exceptional talent out there – The mission is to find it and make it rise and shine!

That´s what The Eclectic Tomorrow is dedicated to: Finding promising talent from all over the globe to share and celebrate it with the rest of the (art) world. To achieve this The Eclectic Tomorrow focuses on carefully selected project-based collaborations with emerging contemporary artists as well as with cultural institutions and people involved in the arts. Sharing experiences, exchanging opinions and fostering inspiration by bringing together national and international artists is the main aspect of The Eclectic Tomorrow´s philosophy. In addition The Eclectic Tomorrow helps to grow and to further educate the emerging and hopefully soon to be creative elite by additionally offering young talents support to improve and to learn what they need to bring out the best in them.


The mission is to clear the way for young and emerging artists from abroad to connect to the right network of international art lovers paired with the great opportunity to showcase their work to an unexplored audience and to push the cultural exchange that makes art prosper and evolve.
At the same time The Eclectic Tomorrow introduces people working in the arts to an international group of one-of-a-kind artists to share, buy, show and collect.


The idea is simple. The Eclectic Tomorrow brings new blood and a fresh breeze of knock-out talent to the art market. It roughs up old conventions and obsolete ways of doing business by introducing progressive working methods and building close relationships with the artists and people involved in the arts. The Eclectic Tomorrow gives a group of highly talented artists the opportunity to showcase themselves to a sophisticated audience and get established and visible in the international art market in order to rise and shine.


Because Art is fun we should be surrounded by it every day. That´s why The Eclectic Tomorrow´s mission and idea merges temporary art projects, workshops and other cultural events to celebrate and enjoy art, and to revel in the fact of living and working in a creative environment.



About me


I have always loved art. Going to a museum of contemporary art, an art event or a pop-up exhibition, as well as enjoying street art all over the world while travelling is one of my favorite things to do.


Me, that is Mareike Müller, born, raised and educated in Berlin. My professional roots are in the design and advertising industry. Working in Berlin for years in advertising agencies and as a freelance art director creating and working on very creative projects and winning new business was my focal point. But one day, I realized that my heart lies somewhere else: in contemporary and emerging art. While living in Stockholm when the opportunity arose to work for an international art platform as an artist scout and manager to organize exhibitions, I couldn´t say no. In the following years I developed my sixth sense for good and emerging artists but as well realized that I prefer the personal contact to the people I work with and a more selective and independent working environment. So I decided it´s about time to start my own business, setting my own standards and working with great artists as well as people connected to art, that I met during the past years.


And now, after living in Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona and Buenos Aires I´m settled in Mexico City, eager to broaden my scope, spreading my vision and to continue working with an amazing group of artists. The mission is to share and enjoy contemporary masterpieces with a professional and sophisticated audience that loves and appreciates art as much as I do. But my work doesn´t end here, because there is way more that can be added. Such as giving workshops for artists and people working in the arts or creative counseling for young talents that need some assistance with their first steps asserting themselves in the “lion´s den”. But I also offer my experience and services to other organizations and companies to curate and organize art events and exhibitions on freelance basis.



For Artists


The Eclectic Tomorrow is here to support, consult and connect young visual artists from all over the globe. By focusing on only project-based collaborations every project is created to be different and original to assure that the motivation won´t be replaced by the forces of habit and to guarantee that each artist receives the attention and support he/she deserves. For me, as a consultant and curator, it´s very important to interact on a personal level. The artists I work with are hand-picked, and have a close relationship and contact with me.


Apart from the permanent search for new talents and interesting collaborations I´m always delighted to be contacted too. If artists approach me with extraordinary ideas and particular projects I´m happy to join and contribute my skills and time to turn a promising idea into reality.


It’s important, especially, in the early stages of an artist’s career, to make the right decisions and not to miss any great opportunities waiting out there. The art business is a challenging playground and every artist should choose his/her battle wisely and gather his/her energies. In a nutshell: a young artist can´t know it all from the beginning as there are so many hidden traps out there, which might distract and demotivate someone who is new to the business. Therefore, a little help and support can make quite a difference for an emerging artist with great talent and big dreams.



For Art Lovers/People involved in the Arts


The artists I work with are hand-picked and very carefully selected as are the projects I get involved in. The Eclectic Tomorrow merges amazing artists and projects in one portfolio. By supporting each of the collaborating artists in the best way possible, I focus not only on an excellent reputation, but also on the appreciation of the artist and their work. My basic principles are reliability, trust, confidentiality and a visionary and professional way of doing business in order to succeed and have fun while working.


The artists I work with as well as the artists I really appreciate and believe in can be found in Eclectic Friends where they have their own portfolio, including some current work, a statement and their contact info. I am always available for inquiries and questions of any kind concerning the artists and their art. If there is more detailed information required or the need for a personal consultation I am just an email or phone call away. The most important aspect for me is to keep a constant dialog between the artists and the art lovers.


Even though most projects are based on my ideas and the desire to create something new and unseen, I´m always happy to be approached and hired in order to organize and/or curate the creative projects of others by contributing my experience and skills. Working hard to accomplish something beautiful that generates pleasure and joy in culture and art gives me the reason and affirmation of dedicating my passion to the right thing.



Creative Services


The Eclectic Tomorrow is well aware of the fact that the collaborating artist wants and needs support and advice so I expanded the focus of the company to offer my Creative Services as well to people and companies/organizations that aren´t directly connected to The Eclectic Tomorrow. I do this by giving workshops and talks to artists and creative people in general, who are curious and want to widen their horizon or need some new inspiration or just a different point of view. Additionally I do creative counseling such as portfolio revision, self-organization, motivation and refocusing to take all necessary steps towards a steady creative career.


My Creative Services for companies/organizations includes an eclectic mix of writing creative concepts for art exhibitions that include if wished as well as the planning and organization of art events. Furthermore I´m available for different types of creative counseling for companies in terms of creative suggestions and advice buying art or collaborating with artists.